Navigating uncharted waters

Ian Birchall examines the deliberations of Comintern’s Third Congress in the aftermath of the 1921 March action

Many on the Marxist left invoke the ‘first four congresses’ of the Communist International, but until recently it had been difficult to know exactly what those congresses consisted of. However, John Riddell has now published the complete proceedings of the Third Congress of the Third International to add to his previous volumes on the First, Second and Fourth Congresses.1

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Momentum; Rise and unite; Their other hats; What aboutism

Storming finish

Not quite over the line, but a good effort says Robbie Rix

Don’t hold your breath

Simon Wells argues that failure is more or less predetermined

Bigger battles ahead

James Linney analyses the junior doctor contract dispute

Combating the right on two fronts

Daniel Harvey reports on the main line of the arguments

Splits and divisions continue

With Cosatu tied body and soul to the ANC, writes Peter Manson, it looks like it will soon be faced with yet another rival federation

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Eddie Ford looks at the absurd reaction to John McDonnell’s use of the Little red book

Deselect the Labour warmongers

Labour is now divided into two parties. One is led by Jeremy Corbyn, the other by Hilary Benn, argues Yassamine Mather

Bringing the bullies low

The curious tale of Elliott Johnson tells us something about capitalist society, argues Paul Demarty

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