Overcoming the power of capital

Mike Macnair asks why leftwing administrations cannot halt the long-term trend to the right

In this short series of articles I aim to respond to the fairly extensive body of criticisms - in our letters pages and elsewhere - of Weekly Worker authors’ arguments in the last two years against Syriza taking office. We are accused us of promoting ‘defeatism’ or ‘do-nothingism’, or of defending a variant on John Holloway’s Change the world without taking power. Recently, some comrades have raised the same issue in a different form: what would our attitude be to the question of a Corbyn-led Labour government in 2020?

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Two Momentums; Through the mire; Sniper fire; Close-up; Mickey Mouse

Origins of democratic centralism

Demands to bring parliamentarians into line; rightwing MPs complaining about the threat of deselection; pleas to put electability first - it all sounds very familiar

Scandals in the capital

The manoeuvring which culminated in the fall of the mayor of Rome could result in the populist right taking control of the city, writes Toby Abse

Compromise in the offing

With talks over Syria set to continue, Yassamine Mather reports on the contortions of the rival powers

Admit you were wrong!

The SPEW comrades are in urgent need of a radical rethink, argues Peter Manson

Tories screw ‘hard-working families’

Eddie Ford celebrates the government’s defeat on tax credits, but not the victory of the House of Lords

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