There are no national solutions

Yassamine Mather pinpoints the problem with Jeremy Corbyn’s alternative economic policies

In many ways it is not surprising that after decades of the dominance of finance capital we are witnessing opposition to the growing gap between the rich and the poor - an opposition that is becoming part of general discourse.

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Alexis Corbyn?; Ready to govern?; Easy revolution; Marxist place; Mention the war; More posh words; Something else

Through the looking glass

Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists wonders if the bourgeois press thinks their readers are sheep

Deselect the Tory 21

The Common Good rebels seem to be advertising their services to the Tory Party, writes Eddie Ford

Where is the love?

The liberal stance on free speech, immigration and internationalism is confusing everyone, says Commissaress

Labour turned upside down

The right’s attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat must not succeed, writes Tony Greenstein

Joan Littlewood unveiled?

Simon Turley explains why we should honour a brilliant theatre-maker

Busting the target

No amount is too much, says Robbie Rix

Left Unity and its future

October’s aggregate of CPGB members saw discussion on Left Unity’s prospects and the blind alley of left Keynesianism. Micky Coulter reports

The Sanders project

Alan Smithee compares the political shift on both sides of the Atlantic

Final act of class vindictiveness

The Tories are presiding over the decimation of not just the steel industry, writes David Douglass

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