Lenin’s programme found vindication

Jack Conrad argues that, far from being disproved by 1917, the established strategy of the Bolsheviks was continued and enriched

It is good that Jim Creegan has challenged what he calls the “myth-debunking” of Lars T Lih by presenting his own views on Bolshevism, its programme and the test of 1917.1 Comrade Creegan, of course, defends the standard account told and retold by the followers of Leon Trotsky over many decades. An excuse for me - another non-expert, but also, like comrade Creegan, a committed revolutionary - to once again give my take on what is a well-gnawed but still important dispute.

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One nation; No nation; Grow up; Growing stench; Embarrassment; Lessons

Victims of capitalism

The needless death of hundreds of refugees puts the left to the test, says Tina Becker

Contradictions laid bare

There are two sides to South Africa’s ‘vibrant emerging market economy’. Peter Manson points to the underlying causes of the xenophobia

A simulacrum of Thatcherism

Paul Demarty is unimpressed by David Cameron’s housing policy, and calls for serious thinking on the left

Robbing Peter to pay Alexis

Athens is running out of money fast, writes Eddie Ford. But will Alexis Tsipras capitulate?

Before the great betrayal of August

Ralf Hoffrogge Sozialismus und Arbeiterbewegung in Deutschland: von den Anfängen bis 1914 Schmetterling Verlag, 2011, €10, pp216(1)

How not to organise

LU’s unworkable constitution is to be revisited. Sarah McDonald reports on this and other decisions taken by the national council

May Day success?

Hope springs eternal for Robbie Rix.

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