Transparency is a principle

Demanding ‘confidentiality’ when it comes to internal disputes makes us look like a combination of Little Stalins and the Life of Brian, argues Mike Macnair

Politics is currently characterised worldwide, with limited exceptions, by a drift to the right. This drift is episodically interrupted by the election of ‘realist’ centre-left governments, which temporarily delay the rightward trend, but prepare the ground for forces further right (like Hollande in France). Britain is not one of the exceptions, obviously. The Cameron government is well to the right of those of Major and Thatcher, and the rise of the UK Independence Party, and Cameron’s decision to promote English nationalism as a response to the concessions needed to win the Scots independence referendum, both portend further rightward movement.

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Stronger part; Sloppy politics; Settler colony; Socialist legacy; Rethink; No boycott?; Welling up

Cameron’s can of worms

Demands for English ‘home rule’ and continued agitation for Scottish independence point to a constitutional crisis, argues Eddie Ford

Proceeds of crime

The referendum exposed the economism of what still passes for the left, argues Paul Demarty

Preparing for 2015

The LU national council agreed that there should be no electoral coalition with Tusc. NC member and Communist Platform supporter Yassamine Mather reports

Heart on his sleeve

Steve Wallis, 1966-2014

Moving and inspiring

Matthew Warchus (director) Pride general release

A good man fallen amongst Euros

To accompany Mark Fischer's review of Pride, here is the obituary of Mark Ashton featured in The Leninist, forerunner of the Weekly Worker

Kurds left in limbo

The US has begun its bombing campaign in Syria

It's a deal

We'd probably do it just for the love, but don't tell Robbie Rix

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