The origins, politics and economics of the Islamic State

As imperialism once again changes its allies, the left needs to stick to its principles, says Yassamine Mather

Every day news of new atrocities by the Islamic State is making headlines. From the beheading of young journalists to the mass extermination of religious and national minorities in Iraq and Syria, there seems to be no end to the barbarism and brutality of this latest brand of Islamist jihadism. US air strikes might have slowed down the IS’s military progress - earlier this week the two Shia cities of Amerli and Suleiman Beik were recaptured, the latter with the direct intervention of Iranian Revolutionary Guards. However, it is clear that the IS is far from defeated.

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Tories on the back foot

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The price of nationalism

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Determination of revolution

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Gove, but not forgotten

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Debating out differences

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Rotherham: A systemic failure

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Summer Offensive: Proud

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