Scotland: Sinking loyalism and lifeboat nationalism

Jack Conrad looks at the politics of September 18

For more than three years the referendum on Scottish independence has been a political fact. Back in August 2009 the minority Scottish National Party government tried but failed to get its Referendum (Scotland) Bill 2010 into its legislative programme for 2009-10. Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Tories together formed a cowardly loyalist bloc. Naturally, having been thwarted by the Holyrood arithmetic, the SNP entered the May 5 2011 Scottish elections with a manifesto pledge to “give Scots the opportunity to decide our nation’s future in an independence referendum.”1

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People's Assembly: A prelude for July 10

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Cameron: Boxed into a tight corner

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The question of Polish coal

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World War I: SPD left's dirty secret

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Iran: Arrogance and the supreme leader

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Confidentiality is a bosses’ tool

Left Unity should not deal with internal disputes through setting up secret trials, argues Paul Demarty

Over the line?

Robbie Rix scents victory for this month's Fighting Fund

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