Left Unity: Arms and our moderate speaker

Jack Conrad takes issue with Salman Shaheen’s cowardly rejection of the demand for a popular militia

Salman Shaheen, one of Left Unity’s four principal speakers, appeared on the March 28 edition of the BBC’s Daily politics show. It is excellent that Left Unity got itself a mass-media platform - that goes without saying.

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Change of heart?; Justified heroes; Role model; Soft censorship; Truth to power

Six Counties can of worms

Yassamine Mather analyses the Gerry Adams arrest

Nothing but bathwater

The Soviet Union did not constitute capitalism of any sort, argues Mike Macnair

Clarkson: Beyond the pale

Uproar over Jeremy Clarkson’s use of the ‘n-word’, writes Eddie Ford, demonstrates yet again how the bourgeoisie has appropriated anti-racism

The worker has no country

As the imperialists prepare to celebrate the slaughter that was World War I, Chris Gray examines the phenomenon of nationalism

Labour Party: Griffiths ends CPB truce

Open struggle has erupted between those in the CPB who want to 'reclaim' the Labour Party, and those who want to... start another one. Peter Manson reports.

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