Cameron decides to do god

Regardless of whether Britain is a ‘Christian country’ or not, says Eddie Ford, communists fight for the separation of church and state

Alastair Campbell famously said that the Blair government “didn’t do god”, implying that it was a rather vulgar American habit to allow religious convictions to set your political agenda.

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Misrepresented; Junk theories; Two theories; Trot pox; Co-op options; Scab role; Money counts; Levellers

May 22: Vote Tusc, vote left

In the absence of Labour anti-cuts candidates, Peter Manson calls for critical support for the left in next month’s local elections

Left Unity: Political clarity first

The Communist Platform is standing four candidates in regional elections to the NC; Mark Fischer explains where and why

Miners: Crisis of leadership

A reprint from the Leninist, forerunner of the WW, on the crucial need for politics

Triumph of Afro-Caribbean art

Roy Williams Kingston 14 Theatre Royal, Stratford; ends April 26

Clara Zetkin: Preached principle, promoted unity

Marilyn J Boxer and John S Partington (eds) Clara Zetkin: national and international contexts Socialist History Society occasional publications, series No31, pp118, £7

Birmingham schools panic: Horses for courses

The Birmingham school panic is an ironic product of post-Thatcher Britain, writes Paul Demarty

You can do it!

Robbie Rix is using the power of positive thinking

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