Communist University 2014

Communist University, the open, forthright, and topically diverse school of left-wing exchange and discussion is being hosted this year at Goldsmiths University, the Surrey House site.

Unlike other lefty political schools CU is a place where differing views contend and clash openly. There are no deathly dull hagiographic sessions put on to show fidelity to some spurious sect 'tradition', and members of the CPGB, as well as comrades of all other organisations and none, can air their views and argue and debate freely with one another.


Full week, including accommodation - £200 (£110 no income, £250 solidarity)

First / final weekend, including one night's accommodation - £40 (£25)

Full week, no accommodation - £60 (£30)

Day - £10 (£5)

Session - £5 (£3)

More information and full timetable on the CU 2014 page at the CPGB site.

Starts: 02:00 p.m. August 16 2014

Ends: 05:00 p.m. August 23 2014

Location: Goldsmiths University, London, London SE14 6PB. Map