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Ticked off and many headed

06 Apr 2006

Eddie Ford reviews The insurgency, BBC2 April 2 Sunday 9-10pm

Greenism and neo-Malthusian pseudo-science

06 Apr 2006

In the first of three articles Jack Conrad argues that the global ecological crisis cannot be explained by crude overpopulation theories. Each social formation has its own laws, including laws of population

Sun, sodomy and the lash

30 Mar 2006

Nick Cave (writer), John Hillcoat (director) The proposition various venues

Lies, smears and distortions

30 Mar 2006

The Stalinoid left has been at it again. In order to excuse homophobia amongst the muslim establishment, some are suggesting that the March 25 'Freedom of Expression' rally was linked to the far-right BNP, so as to smear Peter Tatchell and the gay rights group, Outrage. In fact the event was organised by bourgeois liberals - and the BNP boycotted it. Brett Lock of Outrage looks at the role of Ken Livingstone's well-paid apologists, Socialist Action

Political strategy needed

23 Mar 2006

The National Union of Students holds its three-day annual conference starting on Tuesday March 28. Dave Isaacson, a delegate from Leeds Metropolitan University student union, looks at the left, NUS and student politics

Women show the way

16 Mar 2006

Yassamine Mather reports from a march of Iranian women in exile

For secularism, equality and freedom

02 Mar 2006

Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq statement on International Women's Day

Capitalism and the family

02 Mar 2006

Extend abortion rights

02 Mar 2006

It is more important than ever to fight for a woman's right to choose, writes Louise Whittle. Existing legal rights are inadequate - they must be extended

Beyond legal and formal equality

02 Mar 2006

Mary Godwin looks at the origins of International Women's Day and the long struggle for women's rights

Sanctions of mass destruction

02 Mar 2006

Jim Gilbert reviews Guardians of power: the myth of the liberal media Pluto Press, 2006, pp241, £14.99

SWP 'racism' fig leaf

23 Feb 2006

The furore following the Danish cartoons has not subsided, writes Peter Manson. But the position of many islamic groups - backed up by the Socialist Workers Party - plays into the hands of islamophobes

Rebranding exercise

16 Feb 2006

What is the content behind the image? Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group recommends 'Arise'

Cuckoos in the nest

09 Feb 2006

The Campaign Against Climate Change looks set to grow in 2006, writes John Downes. But where is it going programmatically?

Occupation and oppression

09 Feb 2006

Carey Davies reviews Romans in Britain, which has again been subject to religious criticism. Crucible Theatre, Sheffield (ends Saturday February 25)