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Gift for militarist faction

29 Mar 2007

Last week, when the militarist faction in the Iranian regime realised they had captured 15 British marines and sailors, it must have seemed like a gift from heaven. Yassamine Mather reports

Change does not come through invasions

29 Mar 2007

Contrary to what some in the John for Leader camp have suggested, John McDonnell himself has unambiguously expressed not only his ongoing solidarity with Iranian workers, students, women and democrats, but his continued support for the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign. Steve Cooke reports

Solidarity with Iran needs a fight on two fronts

22 Mar 2007

Last week, tens of thousands of Iranian teachers went on strike, demanding an increase in their miserable wages and the resignation of the education minister. In Tehran over a thousand were arrested. Tina Becker also reports on the efforts of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign to get more organisations involved

Confident beginning

01 Mar 2007

Hands Off the People of Iran had its official launch in Covent Garden following the February 24 anti-war demonstration. Anne Mc Shane reports

Will Tehran be next?

22 Feb 2007

Every day the media publish new information about plans for a military attack on Iran and, although many of these stories are simply recounting previous revelations, there is no doubt that the danger of (limited or extensive) military action by the US is now very real. Yassamine Mather reports

Heads in the sand

15 Feb 2007

Yassamine Mather reports on the Stop the War Coalition's Scottish conference - which missed the opportunity to seriously discuss the question of Iran

Defend Iran's workers, not its rotten regime

08 Feb 2007

Over the last two weeks, although Iran is facing a major military attack, protests and demonstrations against harsh economic conditions have escalated within the country. Yassamine Mather reports

Against imperialist war, for Iran workers

18 Jan 2007

Yassamine Mather analyses the latest developments in Iran and takes a closer look at 'Campaign Iran'

Prosecution warning to muslims

11 Jan 2007

At the end of last week, a protester against the publication of cartoons mocking Mohammed and islam (the 'Danish cartoons') was found guilty of soliciting murder and incitement to racial hatred at a demonstration held in February last year. He faces a lengthy prison term. Jim Moody reports

Iran solidarity

04 Jan 2007

Yassamine Mather (Critique editorial group) explains why the campaign 'Hands off the People of Iran' has been set up. To get in touch with the campaign, email

Founding Statement

04 Jan 2007

Hands Off the People of Iran campaign

Islamists and infidels

30 Nov 2006

Seyyed Ferjani from the Muslim Association of Britain and SP member Jim Hensman debated the rather broad question, 'Which way forward for Britain's muslims?' Not surprisingly, the meeting lacked a certain focus - but also highlighted the SP's confused and inadequate position on democratic questions, says Helen Broadhurst

Manchester warning

30 Nov 2006

The potential for Student Respect in alliance with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies to make a breakthrough in student politics - and the contradictory results this would have for political and social life on the campuses - has been illustrated by the spat on Manchester University's Student Direct. Emily Bransom reports

For the right to choose

19 Oct 2006

Respect gave over the Saturday afternoon session of its annual conference to a public rally on islamophobia. Anne Mc Shane reports

Fight on two fronts

21 Sep 2006

Much of the left is taking a simplistic and unprincipled approach to Iran, writes Mehdi Kia, co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum. It is essential to oppose not only imperialist threats, but also the islamic regime, which continues to suppress a whole range of democratic and working class movements from below