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Wrong kind of radicalisation

26 Feb 2015

How to explain the ‘teenage brides for IS’? Mike Macnair examines the phenomenon of hope in a disastrous illusion against the background of the left’s failure

Confusion abounds

15 Jan 2015

How has the left reacted to the Paris slaughter? Peter Manson has been taking a look

United front of the bourgeoisie

15 Jan 2015

Government leaders who gathered in Paris to express ‘solidarity’ with Charlie Hebdo are no friends of free speech, says Eddie Ford

Qui est Charlie?

15 Jan 2015

Paul Demarty asks, who exactly is Charlie?

The meaning of Jewish identity

08 Jan 2015

Shlomo Sand How I stopped being a Jew Verso, 2014, pp102, £9.99

Oppression and opportunism

18 Jul 2013

Peter Manson looks at questions of race, sex and nation raised by SWP speakers at Marxism

Ukip fostering row: Who’s fit to be a parent?

29 Nov 2012

If members of ‘mainstream’ parties should not be barred from fostering, asks Eddie Ford, what about us ‘extremists’?

Divisive dead-end

10 Feb 2011

Should the left 'defend multiculturalism'? James Turley looks at the reactions to David Cameron's weekend speech

French burqa ban has nothing to do with women's rights

22 Jul 2010

The left in France has shown itself lacking, argues Peter Manson. We oppose state bans, just as we oppose the enforced veiling of women

Integration and working class culture

13 May 2010

David Bates reviews Dave Renton's 'Colour blind? Race and migration in north-east England since 1945' University of Sunderland Press, 2008, pp286, £10.95

Multicultural burrowing strategy

03 Dec 2009

Mike Belbin reviews Kwame Kwei-Armah’s Seize the day Tricycle Theatre (ends December 19)

Multiculturalism and the working class

20 Mar 2008

BBC's White season promotes division, says James Turley

Multiculturalism: facing both ways

14 Dec 2006

Tony Blair's December 8 speech on multiculturalism shows that his government has no coherent programme to deal with the fact that the majority of British muslims oppose his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are in general deeply alienated. Jim Moody reports

New Tebbit test

07 Sep 2006

Mary Godwin reports on the crisis of multiculturalism - and why communists should have never supported it

Trouble on the beach

26 Jan 2006

A month after race riots in Sydney, Marcus Ström points to a crisis in official multiculturalism in Australia