Dieudonné’s calculated anti-Semitism

Free speech is too valuable a weapon to be thrown away. Eddie Ford calls for unequivocal opposition to state bans on racists and fascists

Last December in an “entertaining” 3:3 draw between West Bromwich Albion and West Ham United something new was brought to the game of football and our national culture - unfortunately. Whilst celebrating the scoring of his first ever goal for West Brom, the French player, Nicolas Anelka, performed the quenelle - a hand gesture that involves pointing one arm diagonally downwards, palm in front, while touching the shoulder with the opposite hand. Quenelle is actually a French dish consisting of elongated fish or meat balls, which are said to look like a suppository.1 Thus, according to Wikipedia, the phrase mettre une quenelle (“to give someone the quenelle”) is a gesture simulating the sexual practice of fisting - the “arm outstretched refers to the length of the arm going up one’s bottom”.2 In other words, ‘Up yours!’

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Robbie Rix knows we can scrape over the line

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