SWP: Expelled before conference begins

Once more the SWP central committee has acted to silence critics and cut off debate, reports Peter Manson

Commenting on the contributions from a minority of Socialist Workers Party comrades in the second of this year’s Pre-conference Bulletins, I wrote: “It is most encouraging that these … comrades … are clear-sighted and courageous enough to make such far-reaching proposals - proposals aimed at transforming the SWP into a genuinely democratic-centralist force, capable of playing a leading role in the struggle for the mass party we so desperately need”. I concluded: “It remains to be seen for how long they would be tolerated if their ideas began to make headway” (‘An anatomical investigation’, November 8).

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Drugs: Irrational war continues

Nick Clegg is calling for a royal commission. Eddie Ford, on the other hand, demands immediate legalisation

Italy: The end of Mario Monti?

Toby Abse reports on the latest manoeuvres in Rome

Iran tribunal: What a legalistic shambles

The ‘resolutions’ of the Iran Tribunal have proved Hopi right, argues Yassamine Mather

HOPI: We stand by our principles

Hands off the People of Iran re-iterates its core principles

Zionism review: How Zionist McCarthyism devours its own

Tony Greenstein reviews: Antony Lerman -'The making and unmaking of a Zionist: a personal and political journey', Pluto Press, 2012, pp240, £20

Ireland and abortion: ULA chickens out

It is a disgrace that the left refuses to campaign openly for abortion on demand, says Anne Mc Shane

Film reviews: Artistic branding iron

Jim Moody reviews: Kjell Sundvall (director) The hunters (1996); False trail (2011)

Gay marriage: Compromising with bigots

The marriage equality law is now a shambles - because David Cameron’s government is hostage to incorrigible reactionaries, argues Paul Demarty

Fighting fund

In the last paper of 2012 we still have a way to go to hit our fighting fund target, reports a festive Robbie Rix

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