One nation: Labour turns blue

Ed Miliband invoked the legacy of Benjamin Disraeli in order to embrace the agenda of Blue Labour, argues Paul Demarty

We on the far left, despite our carefully cultivated image as fearless revolutionaries on the avant-garde of history, are quaintly old-fashioned in some ways. For example, we foolishly hold to the quirky old shibboleth that states, ‘The purpose of a party conference is to decide policy.’

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Rate of profit; One-way street?; Doubled up; No no-platform; Choice of words; Soviet treasure; Grassed up

Economy: Troika demands yet more austerity

The euro crisis could trigger nationalist disintegration, warns Eddie Ford

CPGB aggregate: The establishment and the left

Michael Copestake reports from the CPGB members’ meeting

CPGB motion: Progress and Aslef’s Labour motion

The following text was unanimously agreed by the September 29 CPGB aggregate

TUSC: For a new, united socialist party

Nick Wrack and Will McMahon plead with the SWP and SPEW to take Tusc seriously

Robin Hood and solidarity

Ben Lewis reports on comrades running the Nottingham half-marathon in support of Workers Fund Iran

Anti-Germans: Not part of the left

The ‘anti-Germans’ should have no place in working class organisations, argues Maciej Zurowski

Iran Tribunal: Credibility drains away

A prominent member of the German left party, Die Linke, has joined others in withdrawing support for the Iran Tribunal. Tina Becker reports

Little to spare

Missing last months fighting fund target means that this month we need extra solidarity from our readers

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