Tahrir Square comes to Madrid

It is essential to critically engage with movements like Democracia Real Ya, argues Maciej Zurowski

“Rallies are boring,” said one activist characteristically at the ‘open organising assembly for June 30 strikes’ in central London. The May 23 meeting may have been attended by more than 100 activists from various tendencies, but it was certainly decentralised direct action groups such as UK Uncut that set the tone. Particularly visible in recent months through their spectacular occupations of banks, Topshop outlets and the like, the group is a pole of attraction to the freshly radicalised, and there can be little doubt that many of them will stick around for a while.

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Enthusiasm; Unfair; Traitors; Not rape

Web of intrigue

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Class war never went away

David Douglass reports on the destruction and restoration of the highly symbolic Wardley miners' banner

Victory claimed as GMB rejects workfare

What was a union's logo doing on a report recommending the privatisation of the employment and benefit service? Tony Greenstein reports

Faith, flag, family, socialism?

'Blue Labour' is the latest fad to enrapture the leadership of the Labour Party. James Turley probes into its appeal for 'Red' Ed

Striking together

Ben Lewis looks forward to a bold show of mass opposition to austerity on June 30

The study of history and the left's decline

Dealing with the present demands not useful myths, writes Mike Macnair, but a real understanding of the past

Beginning of the end

The Respect national council has declared that 'carrying on as if nothing has changed' is 'not an option'. Peter Manson reports

Impressions of the convention

Leading CPGBers recall the party's First Congress

An ethical revolution of the mind

Esther of Democracia Real Ya spoke to the Weekly Worker

Weekly Worker 868 is also available in PDF format