Inspirational feats and heroic failure

The Paris Commune teaches us valuable lessons, writes Nick Rogers

One hundred and forty years ago the suppression of the Paris Commune was reaching its climax. On May 21 1871 the troops of the ostensibly republican regime based in Versailles entered Paris. They quickly occupied the wealthier west of the city. Nevertheless, for another week the working class and plebeian population of Paris, particularly in the north and east, resisted, as 130,000 troops systematically extinguished the hopes of the previous seven weeks, along with thousands of lives - 17,500 is the lower official estimate; some historians have calculated in the region of 35,000.

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19th century; Stolen land; PCS conference; Fish nor fowl; Lost grip; Big lesson; Fat chance; Voting tactics

The Second Empire and the Paris Commune

This is the final excerpt in the current series from Karl Kautsky's 'Republic and social democracy in France', translated by Ben Lewis[1] and published in English for the first time. Kautsky begins his discussion of the Commune by examining the situation in France under emperor Napoleon III

Income supplement

Robbie Rix points out where our readers and supporters come in

Truth, memory and distortion

Ben Lewis reviews Peter Watkins's (director) 'La Commune' 2000, DVD

Victims are not to blame

We have been offered a glimpse of the chauvinist and sexist prejudices that are rife in society, argues Eddie Ford

Give up on Tusc

'If there was a serious prospect of shifting Labour towards the left, no serious Marxist could stand aside from this.' Peter Taaffe should live up to his words, says Peter Manson

Democracy against 'privacy'

The wooden spoon goes to the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, writes James Turley

The sigh of the oppressed - part 1

Jack Conrad examines Marx and Engels and their criticism of passive materialism, theological atheism and religion

The sigh of the oppressed - part 2

Jack Conrad continues his examination of Marx and Engels and their criticism of passive materialism, theological atheism and religion

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