Monarchist system must go

The working class movement must fight for republican democracy, argues Eddie Ford

Apparently the marriage of William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton represents a “lovely fairy tale” - a “beautiful love story” of ideal romance and courtship. Or so Johnny Rotten, former fake anarchist turned monarchist propagandist, dribbled in the pages of The Sun when the royal couple’s engagement was officially announced.[1] The same sort of things were said about Charles Windsor and Diana Spencer - who were supposedly wafting about on cloud nine, when in reality they were miserable participants in a nightmarish charade, with the then naive Diana finding herself the victim of a cruel deception.

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The book that didn't bark

Independent scholar Lars T Lih introduces excerpts from Karl Kautsky's 'Republic and social democracy in France', published in English for the first time

Up our game

Robbie Rix is looking at an ominous shortfall

Hub of stability

Mark Fischer spoke to Clive Bloom, author of 'Restless revolutionaries', a book that aims to rediscover "Britain's 'lost' republican history"

Male-bonding cretinism

Will Mahan reviews Kevin Macdonald's (director) 'The eagle' - on general release

Vote working class anti-cuts

Peter Manson discusses forthcoming council elections and the AV referendum

Republic and social democracy in France[1]

For the first time in English, an extract from Karl Kautsky's 'Republic and social democracy in France', translated by Ben Lewis

Propaganda and agitation

Why do we need electoral tactics? Mike Macnair completes his three-part series

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