Goodbye to Gaddafi

He may still be admired by sections of the left, writes Eddie Ford. But we would wholeheartedly welcome the fall of Gaddafi in what is the first armed uprising in the Arab revolution

Long oppressed by imperialism and corrupt local rulers, the Arab people are now demanding their freedom. Following the sweeping away of Tunisia’s Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, a democratic upsurge, including mass protests and popular uprisings, has swept the Middle East and North Africa. In Libya we are seeing the dying days (quite possibly literally) of the vicious, tyrannical, 41-year-old regime of colonel Muammar Gaddafi. As I write, Libya’s second and third cities, Benghazi and Misurata, are in the hands of the local population, who are forming committees to take over the distribution of supplies and blocking airport runways to prevent the regime’s planes from landing.

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When all the crap began: Supplement Part 1

Women's oppression, class, organised religion, war, and private property are not natural, writes Jack Conrad


Robbie Rix says we could certainly do with extra

A Marxist culture free from the taint of Stalinism

In the first of two articles, Paul B Smith argues that Marxism must be distinguished from Stalinism if a new generation of anti-capitalists fighters are to be properly educated. The starting point must be Marx's 'Capital'

Self-determination and the fight for a socialist state

The Communist Party of Iran is an ex-Maoist organisation, which now states it is 'closer to Trotskyism'. On his recent trip to Iraqi Kurdistan, Rozh Ahmad visited the camp run by Komalah, the CPI grouping in Kurdistan, and spoke to Hassan Rahman Panah, a member of its central committee

Release all political prisoners

John McDonnell MP launched the new campaign, 'Free Jafar Panahi and all political prisoners in Iran', at the February 12 annual conference of Hands Off the People of Iran

When all the crap began: Supplement Part 2

Women's oppression, class, organised religion, war, and private property are not natural, writes Jack Conrad

Despised by the Tory right

James Turley says that Kenneth Clarke is telling his party exactly what it does not want to hear

Nuclear dangers and capabilities

With the decline of US hegemony and the loss of its ally in Egypt Moshé Machover fears that Israel could react irrationally and launch a spectacular attack on Iran

Successful strike

Yassamine Mather reports Kurdish towns and cities closed down

Lies that refuse to be buried

On the anniversary of the 1933 Reichstag fire, Bob Potter looks back at the trial of Marinus van der Lubbe and Georgi Dimitrov

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