Transition and abundance

Schemes for quasi-market communism offer a rationale for capitalism, argues Mike Macnair

Comrade Paul Cockshott’s letter of July 1 replied prematurely to the first part of my response (June 24) to his critique of my book on revolutionary strategy (October 8 2009); the second part of my response, which was focussed on problems of decision-making both under communism and in the transition, was printed in the same issue as his letter. I have delayed replying to his letter because I thought he would also reply to the second part of my response.

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Real threat; EDL driven out; New friends; Untwisted; Dehumanisation; Determinist

National chauvinism and xeno-racism

David Bates examines evolution of ruling class ideology


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Not so green shoots

Capitalism will survive until it is consciously overthrown, writes James Turley

They weren't all scabs

David Douglass reviews Keith Stanley's 'Nottingham miners do strike' Nottingham Area NUM, pp124, £7

Batting for Iranian workers

Kelly King congratulates everyone on a friendly match that raised a thousand pounds

Colossal responsibility

The path to unity in the CPGB was to have all manner of tensions and failures

Break with ANC popular front

The public sector strike victory has been won despite, not because of, the SACP, writes Peter Manson

Programmatic dead end

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Eddie Ford looks at the latest draft of 'Britain's road to socialism'

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