Class consciousness rekindled

Esen Uslu reports on the massive May Day demonstration in Istanbul

For the first time since 1978 workers in Turkey celebrated May Day 2010 by marching to Taksim Square, the traditional rallying point of the militant working class. Hundreds of thousands gathered in a peaceful, legal rally after decades of bans.

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Biggest hurdle; One country; Left posers; Not so chilling

Unity on the agenda?

Bob Davies stirs discussion at a Tusc meeting

The left and the 2010 general election

What programmes, manifestos and policies did the left offer on May 6? Our chart shows that, compared to the CPGB's 'Draft programme', there is a distinct lack of vision, a national narrowness, and a morbid desire to recreate old Labour

Agitprop anarchism

Nick Rogers witnesses mock executions and maypole dancing

Courage to tell the truth

Yassamine Mather condemns the farce of the UK general election

They all scapegoat migrants

The reaction to Gordon Brown's attack on the 'bigoted' Gillian Duffy demonstrates the depth and breadth of the national chauvinist consensus, argues Eddie Ford

Rivalling the Romans

Chris Gray reviews Richard Miles's 'Carthage must be destroyed: the rise and fall of an ancient Mediterranean civilisation' London 2010, pp521, £30

Banksters versus the people

Steve Freeman looks back at the election campaign in Bermondsey and Southwark, where he stood as an independent socialist

Shrill voices and social weight

Peter Manson finds social weight is a commodity all of the left lacks

National question remains

Anne Mc Shane says it is vital to have a clear, democratic platform

Reality gap

Laurie Smith attended London's TU May Day march

Where we are

Robbie Rix considers that this month's fund has got off to a reasonable start

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