World-historic defeat of women

Should the Neolithic be celebrated as a 'farming revolution'? Or mourned as a male-led counterrevolution against matrilineal communism? Lionel Sims wields the archaeological evidence against the archaeologists

Marxists are inclined to agree with Engels that humanity is a revolutionary species that emerges through egalitarianism. Engels labelled this early stage of human development ‘primitive communism’. We may want to argue about his use of the term ‘primitive’: modern anthropology might refer to egalitarian, matrilineal, matrilocal clans to define the social constructs from which we emerged.

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Back to school; AV, not STV; First preference; BNP promotion; Disillusionment

It was right to put safety above profits

James Turley argues that there is more to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano than disruption to tourists

Turning heads in Tottenham

Point the struggle of the working class towards clear political objectives, argues Nick Rogers

Cleggmania and the return of the Lib-Lab pact?

Eddie Ford wonders if we are about to see the fulfilment of the Blair project

Aiming to consolidate

Communist Students remains united despite controversial debates, reports Liam Conway

Not just a study aid

Andrew Coates reviews David Harvey's 'A companion to Marx's Capital' Verso, 2010, pp320, £10.99

Limits of Labourism

Ben Lewis reviews Labour Representation Committee's 'A people's agenda: a pamphlet for the general election 2010'* pp12, donation

Big jump

Robbie Rix dares to hope that we will go much further this month

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