Leave it to the Taliban

Phil Kent reports on the day school on Afghanistan, organised by the Stop the War Coalition

The Stop the War Coalition day school on Afghanistan succeeded only in filling at most a third of room 101 at the University of London Union on September 15. The main forces behind the STWC - namely the Socialist Workers Party and Communist Party of Britain - were unable to mobilise their own comrades, let alone many independents, indicating that their strategy of never-ending rallies and protest marches is running into the sand.

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Beam me up; Little Herberts; Hug a hoodie; Harassment; All very well; Conciliation; Regroup; Vendetta; SWP mindset; Change of cats; Change of mind

Toothless motions and hysterical attacks

The proposed UCU boycott of Israeli universities is an ineffective weapon, argues Hillel Ticktin.1 This is the first in a series of articles on the issue which will feature various writers

Demise imminent

Exactly how and when Respect will meet its end is impossible to tell, writes Peter Manson. But, judging by what the SWP leaders are saying, it is not long for this world

Make or break moment

Here, the CPGB introduces its motions to conference - if you support them, sign up now!

Fasts and exploitation

A group of workers in Iran Khodro, the country's largest car plant, issued this statement on September 17

Class cookery

Lawrence Parker reviews Nigella Express (BBC2 Mondays, 8pm)

Beyond the prison walls

How should communists respond to any upsurge in industrial action? Last month's POA dispute offers some useful lessons. Jack Conrad examines the arguments

Bellicose diversions

Yassamine Mather comments on the speculation about possible 'shock and awe' attacks by Israel and the United States on Iran's nuclear installations and other strategic targets

PC language and fudging differences

Marxists should not be afraid to call a spade a spade, writes Mark Fischer

Between a Rock and hard place

The only thing certain in the current turmoil in the global financial system is more uncertainty, says Jim Moody

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