Army 'defends secularism'

Esen Uslu reports from Turkey on the threat of yet another military intervention

The simmering cauldron of politics in Turkey has suddenly reached boiling point. The top brass of the military last week issued a midnight warning to the soft islamist government: behave, or face the consequences. And now prime minister Tayyip Erdogan has succumbed to opposition demands to call an early general election after the constitutional court blocked the selection of his foreign minister, Abdullah Gül, as president of the republic.

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Barry Biddulph, of Sheffield CMP, adds his thoughts on halfway houses

Out of the closet?

Lawrence Parker reviews Florian Henckel's The lives of others (Das Leben der Anderen)

No backsliding

The April 29 London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party discussed at length the need for the CMP to stand firm on its founding principle - that communists need to campaign for a Marxist party in the here and now, not at some time in the indefinite future. Mary Godwin reports

Fighting talk

Phil Kent reports on the 'Organising for Fighting Unions' rally on May 1

Defiance grows

Immediately after the London May Day demonstration, Hands Off the People of Iran held a public meeting near Trafalgar Square. Hopi activist Torab Saleth introduced the discussion

Speeches and class war

Alan Stevens reports from this year's May Day march in London

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