SWP puritanism

The Socialist Workers Party is fronting a Respect campaign to rid the East End of strip and lap-dancing clubs. Simon Wells reports

Labour and Respect councillors in Tower Hamlets have been vying with each other to be seen as the best defenders of the community's sexual morals. A council meeting in December ended in chaos when a vote to debate a motion on the licensing of sex clubs tabled by Respect councillor Rania Khan was defeated. Labour wanted to debate other questions and insisted its opposition to sex clubs was already quite hard-line enough.

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Bush ups the ante

Differences over Iraq have been sharply debated in Washington between 'neocons' and 'realists', writes Mike Macnair. On a micro-scale this is paralleled in Britain by a debate within the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

No anti-communist witch-hunts

Members of Communist Students have been banned from a new 'open' socialist youth organisation set up by supporters of the John McDonnell campaign. James Turley and Tina Becker report

Prosecution warning to muslims

At the end of last week, a protester against the publication of cartoons mocking Mohammed and islam (the 'Danish cartoons') was found guilty of soliciting murder and incitement to racial hatred at a demonstration held in February last year. He faces a lengthy prison term. Jim Moody reports

AWL 'realists' raise their heads above the parapet

Divisions emerge within the AWL over troop withdrawal

The Chomsky enigma

How is that a powerful critic of US imperialism has been regarded as a valued asset by the US military? In the first of three articles Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group begins his examination of the life and work of Noam Chomsky

The April theses and permanent revolution

The CPGB's 'extreme democracy' presupposes economic inequality, argues Gerry Downing

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