German left punished for coalitionism

The poor performance of the reformist left, mass electoral apathy and the rise of the far right in the September 17 elections in two German states highlight the urgent need for a Marxist alternative. Ben Lewis reports

In both Berlin and the east German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the left was split - a majority of local members of the WASG (Electoral Initiative for Labour and Social Justice) decided to defy the national leadership and go it alone. After a bureaucratic tussle that was fought out in the courts they ended up standing against their comrades-to-be in the Linkspartei.PDS.

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Signing up

Dave Isaacson reports about Communist Students' first activities

Bringing about a Marxist party

Why must we go through the existing left rather than appealing directly to 'the class'? Mike Macnair explains

Fight on two fronts

Much of the left is taking a simplistic and unprincipled approach to Iran, writes Mehdi Kia, co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum. It is essential to oppose not only imperialist threats, but also the islamic regime, which continues to suppress a whole range of democratic and working class movements from below

Capitalist logic and NHS Logistics

Privatisation of the whole of the national health service may not be on the cards just yet. But an important part of it is to be privatised in a few days. Jim Moody reports

No space left of Labour

The John McDonnell campaign marks a significant change, argues Owen Jones of the Labour Representation Committee and Socialist Youth Network

Benedict XVI and the struggle for Europe

There is more to the pope's Regensburg speech than a crude attack on islam. Jack Conrad investigates

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