A strange amalgam

Respect's second annual conference took place over the weekend of November 19-20. But what is Respect, asks Peter Manson - a party or coalition? In fact it is a chimera, a multi-headed beast which is regularly redefined by its leaders according to needs and circumstances

"We have entered the mainstream of British politics,” said George Galloway in his opening speech at Camden Centre. We are occupying the “territory of the working people of this country - the whole reason for the Labour Party coming into existence.”

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Indefatigable; Apology; Social democracy; Trotsky; Workers' aid; Kenya victory; Simply pointless; Islamophobia; CPGB-phobia; Ireland unity; RePurdiation

A dead parrot - not quite

Non-aligned Respect member Sean Thompson expresses his fear that the project is being killed by SWP control-freakery

Gay rights 'shibboleth'

Was it just an oversight that gay and lesbian rights did not feature in Respect's election manifestio? Apparently not, as the debate at conference showed. Peter Manson reports

United democratic opposition needed

Principled communists and socialists should start working together in order to combat accustions of islamophobia and treachery, says Anne Mc Shane

Rightist liquidation threatens

Ian Mahoney reviews the SWP's Pre-conference bulletin

Bizarre, upside-down politics

Peter Tatchell responds to the implied SWP charge of racism and islamophobia against him and Outrage

Socialist Worker: is it doing its job?

Dave Crouch expresses disquiet over the relaunched SWP paper

Don't dare read this!

Even possession of this article could see you prosecuted, warns Eddie Ford

Fundamental right to migrate

Steven Brooks joined Michael Lavalette in forming a Respect group on Preston council when he left the Labour Party earlier this year. He voted in favour of the two motions calling for the abolition of immigration controls. Anne Mc Shane spoke to him after the debate

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