Cryptocurrency craze

Does bitcoin open the way to a world free from the control of global authorities? No chance, argues Michael Roberts

As I write, the price of a bitcoin has hit nearly $17,000, which means that it has increased by 2,000% in one year. The rise in the ‘value’ of this digital currency is now more than the rise in the price of tulips experienced in the infamous tulip price bubble in Holland in the 1630s.

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NCC ‘fairness’; Closed ears; Zionist Jewry; Illegitimate; Hand-waving; Fluid; Leave him alone; 20 years BC

False history and lip service

Far from aiding the ‘peace process’, writes Yassamine Mather, Trump’s Jerusalem announcement will act as an encouragement to Israeli expansionism

Renzi vs Grasso

It looks as though a ‘centre-left’ coalition headed by Matteo Renzi will be opposed by a leftwing bloc in the 2018 general election, writes Toby Abse

Crisis set to continue

Peter Manson anticipates a fractious and bitter ANC congress, as candidates vie for power

The potato revolution

Russia’s revolution had a huge impact on the working class in Sweden. Labour historian Håkan Blomqvist examines the events of 1917

Anti-Semites not welcome

Tony Greenstein explains why Socialist Fight must be excluded from Labour Against the Witchhunt

Back from the cliff edge

The last-minute deal between British and European negotiators has averted disaster for now - but settles very little, argues Paul Demarty

Round figure

Robbie Rix celebrates rounding up

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