Different plot twists, same ending

Jim Creegan shows that there is nothing progressive about the Hillary Clinton’s platform

Immediately after Hillary Clinton was officially nominated on July 26, wealthy givers left the sidelines to party and open their chequebooks. Oblivious of the protesters gathered outside, corporate CEOs and lobbyists descended upon Philadelphia to sip cocktails in the vaulted marble bar of the downtown Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The New York Times reported that:

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Heretics; Missing something; Pipedream; Crude approach; Race central

Sources, streams and confluence

Ben Lewis offers some thoughts on the origins of democratic centralism

Trotspotting: a field guide

Tom Watson is worried about ‘infiltrators’: Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists is less than impressed with his conspiracy theories

Serious and open debate

Danny Hammill reports on the 8-day Communist University, organised jointly by Labour Party Marxists and the CPGB

Imperialists bearing gifts

Yassamine Mather examines the changing alliances in the war in Syria

Proving our worth

Peter Manson reports on the success of the Summer Offensive

After the Brexit vote

Mike Macnair argues that very little has become clearer since late June

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