Social democratic corporate management?

There is no common political interest between the working class and productive capital, writes Mike Macnair

This is the second part of my reply to Arthur Bough’s critique1 of my November 2015 two-part article2 on the question of government. Last week I addressed some minor points, and at more length comrade Bough’s attempt to argue from the ultimately determinant character of production to his claim of a necessary dominance of industry over finance.3

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Not our job; Income fail; Don’t blame EU; Jewish racists; Bankrupt; Whose side?

Direct legislation by the people and the class struggle

By Karl Kautsky

Good news

Robbie Rix likes good news

Tactical flexibility, political principle

Bernie Sanders should stand as an independent socialist in the presidential election, argues Eddie Ford

Kautsky on referenda

As a contribution to the debate regarding the tactics to adopt in relation to the European Union referendum, Ben Lewis has translated this piece by Karl Kautsky on ‘direct legislation’. Kautsky (1854-1938), known as the “pope of Marxism”, was a thinker who, as recent scholarship has underlined, had a profound influence on the theory and practice of Lenin’s Bolsheviks

North and south

What is the nature of modern imperialism, asks Michael Roberts, one hundred years after Lenin?

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