Robots and capitalism

Can new technology and artificial intelligence open up a new period of expansion for capital? Michael Roberts examines the possibilities and problems

In the last few years, Robert J Gordon, a professor of economics at Northwestern University, has persistently argued against the trendy view of the moment that robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and other ‘disruptive technologies’ are about to launch the global economy into a productivity boost never seen before.

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Talent; Morons; Euro-democracy; Garbled guff; Undecided; Same here; Surreal NHS

The strange death of liberal media

The Independent is Britain’s first major print casualty of the digital age, and probably not the last, writes William Kane

The global disorder of capital

Yassamine Mather introduces Alain Badiou’s Notre mal vient de bien loin

Bakuninist hatchet job

Mike Macnair takes issue with Dave Douglass over the First International

Drugs are not the problem

Prohibiting legal highs marks an escalation in the crazy ‘war on drugs’, says Eddie Ford

Review: Just a writer of women’s fiction?

Rex Dunn reviews Rachel Cusk,'Outline', Vintage, 2014, pp249, £8.99

Weekly Worker 1094 is also available in PDF format