Charting our future

Jack Conrad offers his recommendations for the November 21-22 conference

Our standing orders committee finally put up the full list of motions and amendments submitted by Left Unity’s branches and members on the afternoon of November 16.1 The promised date had been November 13. As a result, neither the CPGB’s Provisional Central Committee nor the Communist Platform’s steering group has had the opportunity to discuss, let alone agree, solid voting recommendations. What goes for us probably goes for other organised tendencies. Given that the very existence of Left Unity hangs in the balance, the SOC’s delay is therefore to be regretted. Sober, well founded, far-sighted decisions require due time for collective consideration.

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Bloody hard work; Time for a split; Communising; Energetic; Exactly

Making matters worse

Official reaction to the atrocities in France demonstrates once again that imperialism has no answers, writes Yassamine Mather

‘Revolutions in value’ and capitalist crisis

Despite the various criticisms, Marx’s analysis of profitability was basically sound, argues Nick Rogers

Second amendment Marxism or inveterate pacifism

Jack Conrad and Salman Shaheen debated the right to bear arms

Choosing between two cultures

Paul Demarty says we have the opportunity to organise in a radically democratic fashion

Imperialism digs a deep hole

The assassination of ‘Jihadi John’ was a substitute for serious warfare, argues Eddie Ford

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