Bureaucratic centralism and its apostates

Jack Conrad argues that SWP claims about the pre-1917 Bolshevik organisation are bogus

The terrible internal regimes that characterise the confessional sects make an easy target for every domesticated leftwinger, every backslider, every renegade. Eg, Richard Seymour, Laurie Penny, Alan Johnson, David Aaronovitch  and Nick Cohen to name just a few who are given generous space by the capitalist media. Democratic centralism has, as a result, become something of a dirty word.

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In other words; Sidelines; Game; Drivel; Free Steve

Two congresses and a rigged victory

Peter Manson examines the bureaucratic manoeuvring of the SACP

Dependent on global hegemon

Yassamine Mather discusses the possibilities following the nuclear deal

Fear of a Corbyn victory

Surging support for Corbyn is terrifying both the media and the right of the party, writes Charles Gradnitzer of Labour Party Marxists

Berlin turns Greece into debt colony

Syriza’s humiliating capitulation has lessons for us all, says Eddie Ford - principally the need for united organisation on a European scale

Everything to play for

Jeremy Corbyn is looking more and more like a winner in the leadership race - much to the anger of the right. Paul Demarty reports

Tepid support for Corbyn

Mark Fischer reports on the SWP’s Marxism school

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