Saudi dirty tricks exposed

But Riyadh will remain a key imperialist ally, predicts Yassamine Mather

On June 19 2015, the third anniversary of Julian Assange seeking asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, Wikileaks posted around 60,000 files, out of a possible 500,000, in what was described as a long-term, steady hacking of Saudi government material.1

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Gone too tsar

How should ‘disruptive behaviour’ in schools be tackled? Michael Copestake comments on the tendency to look to newly empowered bureaucrats for a solution

Vanquishing the demons

What is the role of fictitious capital in the current recession? Chris Gray examines the connection and proposes a series of economic demands

A night in the uncanny valley

Harley Filben finds the first Labour leadership debate disturbing and encouraging in equal measure

Proletarian dictatorship and state capitalism

Chris Cutrone of Platypus examines the meaning of political party for the left

Huge cheers for Corbyn

We need both a political strategy and a sense of perspective, urges Peter Manson

Leadership challenge represents opportunity

The CPGB has reaffirmed its position on Labour and Left Unity, reports Daniel Harvey, and set itself an ambitious fundraising target

Their culture and ours

Exhibition What is luxury? Victoria and Albert Museum, until September 27 2015

Mood of optimism

The CPGB summer fundraising is off to a good start, says Mark Fischer

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