In service of humanity?

Can robots and artificial intelligence be subordinated to human need? Yassamine Mather examines the issues

The word ‘robot’ (or robota - a term used by a Czech writer Karel Capek) means hard labour, servitude. But the reality is that the robots we are facing in our time are sometimes just software - we use the term ‘software robots’ in the industry - and sometimes they deal with the automation of parts of microsurgery, so we are no longer talking of hard labour as such.

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Grow a pair; Unfortunate; Saturday stall; Very proud; Zombie; Fight bill; Truths

Dishing out the Blairite gruel

At last a Labour leftwinger throws his hat in the ring. Eddie Ford comments on the Labour leadership contest

Islamism, Israel and imperialism

Why is the Middle East in turmoil? Daniel Harvey reports on the day school organised by Hands Off the People of Iran

Their corruption and ours

Paul Demarty is shocked - shocked! - to discover financial impropriety at the top of world football

Hegemon in decline

In his speech to the May 30, Hands Off the People of Iran day school, Mike Macnair looked at the inconsistencies of US strategy in the Middle East

Three in a row?

Robbie Rix really wants that hat trick

Who will fill the vacuum?

There is no viable radical left alternative, writes Toby Abse

Stand under our own banner

LU ought to contest the GLA elections, urges Sarah McDonald - including standing a mayoral candidate

Tower Hamlets: vote Rabina Khan

The Provisional Central Committee makes its voting recomendation

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