Thinking the alternative

Should the movement have a final goal? Mike Macnair argues for the maximum programme

In my recent article on the young women who ran away to become brides for Islamic State, I concluded that “the left needs to organise itself to fight for a really radical alternative to the present order”.1

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Will the deal bring peace?

Yassamine Mather examines the prospects following the Lausanne agreement

Split that need not have happened

The criminal actions of the South African Communist Party have severely weakened Cosatu, writes Peter Manson

Lessons of the Great Strike

Recognising the nature of the defeat at the end of the Miners' Strike was hard for the left, argues Mark Fischer

Nothing to lose, everything to lose

The April 2 leaders’ debate saw the ‘impressive’ Nicola Sturgeon praised by the Tories. Eddie Ford gives his assessment

Against coalitionism

Jos Alembic reflects on the progress of the Socialist Party during the recent provincial elections and looks ahead to the party’s congress in November

Headlong into a trap

After Socialist Resistance’s bungled intervention into transgender politics, Paul Demarty calls for serious debate - not trolling and trigger warnings

Prove me wrong

Robbie Rix needs to know you're serious

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