Magna Carta and long history

There are celebrations, but also deflations. Mike Macnair examines the rival interpretations

2015 has a good many anniversaries, some of which are being taken more seriously by the establishment and media than others. 1015 was the year in which Knut, prince of Denmark, invaded England, afterwards establishing himself as king and holder of a North Sea empire that included Denmark, England, Norway and parts of Sweden. June 1215 is the 800th anniversary of the first version of the royal grant, later called Magna Carta. November 1315 saw the battle of Morgarten, which is commonly taken to have been decisive in achieving Swiss independence. October 1415 saw the battle of Agincourt in France, opening a period in which for a few decades substantial parts of France were occupied by the English.

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Vindication; False idol; Eclipsed; Donation; No lampoon; Open letter

Maverick left nationalist

We reproduce below correspondence between comrade Freeman and LU national secretary Kate Hudson and also publish a statement issued by Left Unity’s Communist Platform

Searching for a pretext

What lay behind the election?In this edited transcript of a talk delivered to a Communist Platform meeting on March 22, Moshé Machover looks at Netanyahu’s motives

Why the right won

Tony Greenstein welcomes the lack of hypocrisy in the new Israeli government, if nothing else

Antifa means air raid

A leftwing book presentation in Leipzig was attacked by ‘antifa’ activists earlier this month. We spoke to the main speaker at the meeting, Susann Witt-Stahl

The crown under the turban

Who will come out on top, as the deadline for a nuclear deal approaches? Yassamine Mather looks at the latest claims being made about the Islamic regime

A tale of two Alexes

The Greek government is slowly retreating in the face of euro zone intransigence. But it may not be enough to stave off ‘Grexit’, argues Paul Demarty - not that that bothers some on the left


Robbie Rix isn't getting all heavy on you, but he'd like some commitment

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