Did free speech allow the Nazis to come to power?

Eddie Ford criticises the SWP for misunderstanding history and insisting upon the ‘principle’ of no-platforming

Reading Socialist Worker these days is a rather depressing experience, and it appears to be getting worse and worse - even if it still has some way to go before it gets as excruciatingly boring as the life-sapping The Socialist. Instead of a publication that is trying to constructively engage with the actually existing left and critically examine its own traditions and practices, we enter into an ideological alternative universe: a dreary, philistine world, where all that matters is the next demonstration or strike, where spontaneity is everything and programme is nothing. Indeed, where history itself is junk.

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Distorted; Losses and gains; Check your facts; Self-appointed; Miners; Bernsteinian; Perishable; Don’t ask; Step by step; No surprises

No more Herr Nice Guy

Only the presence of strong international solidarity can be the basis for opposing capitalism, writes Paul Demarty

Aftermath of Syriza’s election

Azhdar Ashkan can see no long-term solution to the crisis within the current order

Making a beginning

The left should campaign for a Europe-wide constituent assembly, argues Chris Gray

Still not too late

It was necessary to confront the defeatism of the left head on at the end of the miners' strike, says Mark Fischer

Machiavellian manoeuvres in the dark

Peter Kosminsky (director) Wolf Hall BBC2, Wednesdays 9pm

Thoughts on Karl Marx and art

A communist revolution in art will break down the barriers between ordinary people and artists as specialist labourers under capitalism, says Rex Dunn

Wishful thinking rather than hard truth

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists was at John McDonnell’s Labour Left Platform roundtable discussion on February 7

If your phone rings

be ready to send all your spare cash to Robbie Rix

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