Neither meek nor mild

Jesus was a rabbi, a communist and a brave revolutionary, argues Jack Conrad

With the coming of the Romans, in the 1st century BCE, there was a widespread feeling amongst the common people of Palestine that the last times had arrived. Yahweh was about to destroy all earthly powers and institute his divine rule on Earth. Naturally, god will rescue his chosen people and bring terrible retribution against foreign oppressors and their quislings.

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Reckless; Blanket ban; Positive thinking; Like an Egyptian; Poverty disgrace; Labour sanctions; Social good

No more the victim

Anne McShane reports on the resistance to water charges.

Troika demands more blood

Eddie Ford thinks it is irresponsible to spread illusions in a Syriza-led government

Resisting Renzi’s attacks

Workers booed members of the centre-left PD off the platform during the rallies that followed last week’s 24-hour strike. Toby Abse reports

The cauldron boils over

Racial repression has provoked mass protest. Jim Creegan responds to the two high-profile killings by the US police

Fantasy history, fantasy Marx

Chris Cutrone’s arguments are characterised by dogma and vacuous circularity, writes Mike Macnair

Being the extreme left in Left Unity

CPGB members debated our work in Left Unity at its latest aggregate meeting. Daniel Harvey reports

How not to run a party

NC member Yassamine Mather reports on the December 13 meeting

Not in the Weekly Worker

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists attended the AGM for Greater London

Social mobility, my arse

Recent propaganda in favour of grammar schools is nonsense, says Mike Copestake.

Reabsorbing solidarity

The 1914 Christmas truce has been thoroughly sanitised by the establishment, argues Paul Demarty

Christmas and 16 pages

Merry Christmas from Robbie Rix

Weekly Worker 1039 is also available in PDF format